Dr. Clement

Dr. Clement is a professor of computer science at Brigham Young University. His research at BYU centers on high-performance computing and bioinformatics.


Dr. Price

Dr. Price is a professor of economics at Brigham Young University. His research combines machine learning and family history to created large linked historical datasets.



Blake is a Junior from Knoxville, Tennessee studying Computer Science with an emphasis in Software Engineering. He loves spending time with his wife and family, hiking, playing board games and Nintendo games, and watching movies. He enjoys problem solving, creating his own personal CS projects, and working out problems on LeetCode as well.



Emma is a Senior from Austin, Texas studying computer science with a software engineering emphasis. She particularly enjoys learning about new ways to use LLMs and web development. When she isn’t programming, she loves running, reading and singing.



Isabella is a computer science major with a software engineering emphasis from Morgan, Utah. She has an interest in front end development and artificial intelligence. She enjoys fashion design, reading, Taylor Swift music, playing the guitar, and spending time up in the mountains with her husband.



Aaron Zelenski is a junior computer science student with an emphasis in software engineering from sunny Southern California. When he’s not relishing the satisfaction of fixing a tricky bug, you’ll find him enjoying the beach, playing soccer, or spending time with his family.



Chris is a senior Computer Science student from Alpine, Utah. Chris enjoys crafting quips, spending time with family and friends, and diving into RPGs and books, When he's not working shoulder-to-shoulder with other members of the lab, he also enjoys experimenting with generative AI or grinning for no particular reason.



Evan is a sophomore in computer science from Dallas Texas. He loves all aspects of computer science, but is emphasizing in machine learning. In his free time you can find him coding for a new side project, playing chess, listening to audiobooks, eating chips and guac, or writing and performing stand up comedy.



Lawry is a CS PhD student from Plano, Texas. He loves nerding out about languages with his wife, and he spends his free time training and competing internationally with BYU's competitive programming team.



Steed (Joseph Steed) has a Master in Information Systems and is pursuing his PhD at Indiana University while continuously working with BYU and FHTL. His research focuses on improving Family History Technologies. He enjoys being with his wife, baking bread, and overengineering technology solutions.